Address:Qingdao China

U. Ewert

Dr. U. Ewert obtained the diploma degree for physical and theoretical chemistry of the Humboldt University. 1979 he received the PhD degree for simulation of electron spin resonance spectra of complex compounds. 1989-1990 he was guest faculty at the Baker Laboratory of the Cornell University in USA. In 2000 he was appointed as director and professor of the division “Nondestructive testing; radiation methods” at BAM. He is elected chairman of the German radiology committee of the German society of NDT, member of DGZfP advisory board and former chairman of the subcommission VA (radiation methods for welding) of the International Institute of Welding. He is chairman and delegate at several standard committees of ISO, CEN and ASTM. U. Ewert received the Berthold award of DGZfP (2005), the Röntgen medal of the city of Remscheid (2009) and the Briggs Award of ASTM-International (2010) and the Roy Sharpe Award of BINDT (2016).