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“2019 Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum” Official Notification

“Anybody who mastered the advanced science and technology, they will get advantage and initiative in the competition and development.”


2019 Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum”

Official Notification



"2019 Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum" (Hereinafter referred to as "Forum") will be held at Wyndham Grand in Qingdao, Shandong province, China, on June 24th–27th, 2019(Check in on June 24th).


Sponsors: China University of Petroleum, Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute of Shandong Province, Shandong Province Association of Special Equipment, Shandong Quality and Technology Supervision Education and Training Center, Qingdao Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute, Qingdao Special Equipment Association, Shandong Nondestructive Testing Society, Shandong Antai Chemical Pressure Vessel Inspection Center, Nanjing FaYi Meeting Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Co-Sponsors: China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, China Nondestructive Testing Society, China Association of Special Equipment Inspection (CASEI), Beijing Institute Of Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Xiamen University, Southeast University, Hunan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, North Minzu University, China University of Mining and Technology, Sichuan Provincial Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, The Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Inspection of Henan Province, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., CGN Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., Nuclear Power Institute of China, CNNC Research Institute of Nuclear Power Operation, CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute, China Classification Society Industrial Corp. (CCSI), Shanghai Research Institute of Materials, Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Nondestructive testing,  Jiangsu Province Institute of Acoustic, Jiangsu Instrument and Control Society Nondestructive Testing Instrument Professional Committee, Nuclear Power Institute of China, Qingdao Association for Science and Technology.


Support Units: China Promotion Association for Special Equipment Safety and Energy-saving, China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels, National Technical Committee 56 on Non-destructive testing of Standardization Administration of China, Shanghai Municipality Association of Special Equipment, Sichuan Special Equipment Security Management Association, Zhejiang Association of Special Equipment, Beijing Mechanical Engineering Society NDT Branch, Key Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing for High Speed Vehicles of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Special Equipment Safety Testing Technology, Qingdao Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Society.


The Theme of the Forum: The theme of the forum is "Nonlinear Detection - Edge Tool for digging out the mysteries and analyzing the details". Internationally renowned experts in micro-mechanics and non-destructive testing of composite materials, Professor Jianmin Qu, Dean of Engineering of Tufts University, USA, who is the recipient of the SPIE Nondestructive Testing Final Generation Award and Honorary Professor of Karol Family, will make a keynote report, of which topic is "Nonlinear Ultrasonic Methods for Nondestructive Damage Assessment in Structural Materials".


The Academic Report: There will be 13 conference sub venues – opto acoustic and ultrasound venue, Electromagnetic venue, Infrared and terahertz venue, Artificial intelligence venue, Special equipment venue, Aerospace and Composites Testing venue, NDT for Rail transit venue, NDT for Nuclear power venue, Oil Pipe and Equipment venue, Non-destructive testing standards and related technologies venue, Ship venue, Steel Structure Detection venue, Shandong Province venue. There will be more than 300 reports expected.


Exhibition of Advanced instrument and equipment: During the forum, there will be dozens of domestic and international NDT equipment research and development institutions and production/sales enterprises to display their advanced instruments and equipment products and technologies.


Collection of excellent papers: Our Forum collects academic papers. Combined the results of expert review with the author's wishes, the excellent Chinese papers will be recommended to publish on Chinese Journal  of Mechanical Engineering (EI indexed), Infrared Technology,  Nondestructive Testing (China), Wu Sun Tan Shang (China). After been reviewed by the panel and combined with the author's wishes, the excellent English papers will submitted to Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (SCI indexed) or IEEE Explore (EI indexed).


Achievement Award & Academic Award of FENDT: Together with China Association of Special Equipment Inspection (CASEI) and China Mechanical Engineering Society NDT Branch, we not only set up "Revering Award", "Summit Award" and "China Creation Special Award" to recognize outstanding or outstanding achievements in the field of non-destructive testing in China, but set up "FAREAST Excellent Paper Prize", "SCLEAD Best Student Awards" and "Matrix-Special Award for Chinese paper" to award the author of excellent paper.

Winners and finalists of "China Creation Special Award" will enter the list of the "CASEI Science and Technology Award" for next year.


NDT Challenge Competition and Zhijiang Award for Excellence: We organized a NDT Challenge competition with China Association of Special Equipment Inspection (CASEI), China Mechanical Engineering Society NDT Branch and Zhejiang Provincial Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute. The winner of the competition will receive the trophy of "Zhijiang Award for Excellence" and bonus. At the same time, he will be conferred the title of "Wise Craftsman "(in recognition of the operator) and "Sharp Instrument" (in recognition of the Instrument).


CEHs (Continuing Education Hours) for special equipment of NDT: Upon the approval of the China special equipment inspection institute, to participate in the forum academic activities can be included in the special equipment NDT Ⅱ, Ⅲ staff review the renewal of the continuing education hours.


Notes for participants: The sponsors of our forum sincerely invite domestic and overseas participants of NDT field to attend the forum, and the relevant information of forum will be notified as follows:

1.  Date: The forum will be held from June 24th to 27th 2019(check in on June 24th).

2. Location: Wyndham Grand in Qingdao, Shandong province. Address: No.178, Silver beach Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao.

3. Registration Fee: 1800 RMB/person; Student (registration by student ID card), 1000 RMB/ student.

4.  Registration Fee of IEEE English papers: 3600RMB/paper (The registration fee is free for one person.), please pay to the designated account within one week after receiving the acceptance notification.

5.  If your paper recommended to other journals, we will only charge the author's registration fee, and do not charge the paper registration fee. The publication fees is subject to the notice of the editorial department.

6. All attendants will pay their accommodation by themselves. We have arranged two hotels for you to choose: Wyndham Grand in Qingdao (Main venue hotel) and Wenhai International Hotel (4 km away from the main venue, shuttle service is available). Participants can sign up for the conference and book a room through the registration system on the official FENDT website (http://2019.fendti.cn). (Reminder: Due to the limited number of rooms, please make a reservation as soon as possible.) The accommodation fee of Wyndham Grand in Qingdao (4 nights, breakfast included): 1440RMB/person (double bed room), 2600RMB/person (private room). Wenhai International Hotel (4 nights, breakfast included): 800RMB/person (double bed room), 1520RMB/person (private room).

7. Sign up and Registration Methods:

The system will be opened on May 20th. Participants can log in to http://2019.fendti.cn (FENDT official website) and click “Register/Login” on the right side of the page to complete the participant information for registration. And pay the membership fee online to complete the registration. You can enjoy a 10% discount on online payment registration before June 10.

In order to avoid congestion due to too many people registering on the day of registration, it is recommended to register online in advance. (If you are interested in attending the Forum, you can add WeChat: 1294588514 (Cassie) for more information; Remarks "FENDT").

8. Check in at the Wyndham Grand in Qingdao.

9. On the registration day (June 24th), there will be a pick-up at Qingdao Liuting International Airport from 10:00 to 22:00.

10. The bus routes and estimated taxi fares from the following locations to Wyndham Grand in Qingdao are as follows:

(1)Qingdao Liuting International Airport:

By taxi: The whole journey is about 50 kilometers, which takes about 60 minutes and costs about 200 RMB.

(2)Qingdao Railway Station:

By taxi: The journey takes about 20 kilometers and takes about 30 minutes. The cost is about 80 RMB.

(3)Qingdao North Railway Station:

By taxi: The journey takes about 37 kilometers and takes about 45 minutes. The cost is about 150 RMB.




2019 Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum

                                                                                              April 8, 2018