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Booth Reservation Notice for Advanced Equipment & Instrument

“Anybody who mastered the advanced science and technology, they will get advantage and initiative in the competition and development.”

“Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum”

Booth Reservation Notice for Advanced Equipment & Instrument


“Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum” is the most influential event of non-destructive testing field in China. It is not only a platform to promote the research and application development of new technologies for non-destructive testing, but a platform for promoting exchanges and cooperation between non-destructive testing at home and abroad.


“2019 Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum” (Hereinafter referred to as Forum) will be held at Wyndham Grand Qingdao in Qingdao, Shandong province, China, on June 24–27, 2019. (Registration on the 24th and the forum will be held on 25th -27th.)


Sponsors: China University of Petroleum, Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute of Shandong Province, Shandong Province Association of Special Equipment, Shandong Quality and Technology Supervision Education and Training Center, Qingdao Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institute, Qingdao Special Equipment Association, Shandong Nondestructive Testing Society, Shandong Antai Chemical Pressure Vessel Inspection Center, Nanjing FaYi Meeting Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Co-sponsors: China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, China Nondestructive Testing Society, China Association of Special Equipment Inspection (CASEI), Beijing Institute Of Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Xiamen University, Southeast University, Hunan University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, North Minzu University, China University of Mining and Technology, Sichuan Provincial Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, The Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Inspection of Henan Province, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., CGN Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., Nuclear Power Institute of China, CNNC Research Institute of Nuclear Power Operation, CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute, China Classification Society Industrial Corp. (CCSI), Shanghai Research Institute of Materials, Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Nondestructive testing,  Jiangsu Province Institute of Acoustic, Jiangsu Instrument and Control Society Nondestructive Testing Instrument Professional Committee, Nuclear Power Institute of China, Qingdao Association for Science and Technology.


Support Units: China Promotion Association for Special Equipment Safety and Energy-saving, China Standardization Committee on Boilers and Pressure Vessels, National Technical Committee 56 on Non-destructive testing of Standardization Administration of China, Shanghai Municipality Association of Special Equipment, Sichuan Special Equipment Security Management Association, Zhejiang Association of Special Equipment, Beijing Mechanical Engineering Society NDT Branch, Key Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing for High Speed Vehicles of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Special Equipment Safety Testing Technology, Qingdao Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Society.


It’s always been an important part of our forum to recommend and exhibit the advanced equipment. Our forum will provide important opportunities for the enterprises that produce and sale NDT equipment. Our forum warmly welcomes domestic and foreign companies, research and development institutions of NDT field to participate in this activity.


From now on, we’ll accept the reservation of the equipment & instrument exhibition booth, and the deadline for registration is May 10th, 2019.  15% discount on payment before April 10th.


If you are interested in the exhibition booth, you can send an email to 2522611753@qq.com for reservation or call 15951966403.


Attachment: The introduction of advanced equipment & instrument promotion business activities and the exhibition plan of FENDT 2019.

The Preparatory Committee of FENDT 2019

March 24th, 2019


“Far East NDT New Technology & Application Forum”

Introduction of Advanced Equipment & Instrument Promotion Business Activities

And the Exhibition Plan of FENDT 2019


I The description of Business Activities:


The Content of Exhibitions




Order Booth

  • 16,300 RMB per booth for 3×2m
  • 17,300 RMB per booth for 3×3m
  • A19、B19:50,000 RMB per booth
  1. All booth fees are inclusive of one board and lodging expenses, two lunches (work meal);
  2. The booth selection will follow the principle of registration order and combination of the times of attending the exhibition in our forum;
  3. Platinum, gold and silver sponsors will have priority in choosing booths.


Distribute the advertising brochure of the exhibitor


The advertising brochure will be loaded into the package by the organizing committee of FENDT and issued at the time of registration.


Advertise in the forum manual


The forum manual will be distributed to each delegate at the time of registration.


II Registration Receipt for Business Activities

If you are interested in the business activities of FENDT 2019, please fill in the following receipt, and send it to 2522611753@qq.com. 15% discount on payment before April 10th.



Name of Contact


Mobile/Office Phone Number


Activities you want to attend



Due to the large number of registration units, please select more than three booths for timely arrangement. Please confirm with the organizing committee for final confirmation of the booth.

No. of Booth

First choice:       Second choice:      Third choice:

1. Please indicate the number of booths selected and the booth number when selecting the booth. The booth layout, booth number and price of the booth, and the map of exhibition hall are shown in the figure below.

2. This forum is not for profit. The funds and physical materials collected will be used in the forum to ensure academic level and service quality.


III The Map of Exhibition Hall and the Booth Layout